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The latest addition to the shoppers in the KLCC area besides the Suria KLCC is the Pavilion. Travellers and local tourist were keen to check out what Pavilion has to offer. If you are into designer labels, then you will like this place. Vast contrast to the other shopping malls and complexes is that you don't find small local shop outlets. Shopping carts and stalls associated with other malls are standard features in most malls. But here I don't see any. Is it a rule they are prohibited or it's too early that cart stall owners have yet to set up shop here?



Branded labels of big names like Mont Blanc, Burberry, Canali, Club Monaco,Gucci, Boss, Hermes and numerous others have already open their doors.


In this recession period would all these designer labels do well? But travellers and locals seem to browse the merchandise, rather then doing an actual purchase. This new shopping mall have all famous brands you can ever find. Obviously they are targeting a niche market. You can tell locals who are "loaded" with cash when you see one. A quick glance at all the visitors, I cannot pin-point a prospective rich client. I would say they come under a category called "curious visitors", it would more appropriate.

The Foyer.
The overall design and architecture is mesmerising. It's unique, it's different and it's very well decorated and done up. If this mall were to be in say, London or Paris, it would be a big hit. As it is now, the Pavilion may be too "posh" for local taste. I enjoyed myself immensely at the lobby area, not to mention the food court. Might be a bit up market, but I loved it.

Would I be back? Definitely, not to look for designer labels, but to check out new additions to the food courts! Somehow I do not belong to the "upper middle class" anyway. I am more of a "pasar malam" bargain hunter.


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