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The World as we see it is being taken for granted. It surprises me how many a times we humans care very little about our changing planet. Ask anyone about the ozone layer, and you will find the lack of knowledge or the understanding of what the ozone layer is all about. Yet many do not seem to care what happens to our mother Earth. Now we hear all the buzz about the Earth hour.

I pose similar question to my friends and colleagues at work. What do they know about the Earth hour programme and it's worldwide participation. Will they be switching off the lights as well? Almost every body said they will, to save planet Earth. One solitary hour to save our Mother Earth? No doubt it helps, but to what extent? The great damage has been done. It's not reversible, but at the very least we hope not to destroy our planet as fast as we did. Whatever damage done, is done. And the Earth hour programme?.

This coming March the 28Th. 2009, millions will switch off their lights and electricity to participate in a worthy cause. It will help but it will not save our planet.