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Looking for a condominium to stay while in Malaysia for holidays? Or perhaps you have been transferred by your company for a 2 year stint in Kuala Lumpur? Here is one you may like to have a look.

Condominium in Mt. Kiara
Kiaramas Sutera Condo
(Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

This luxury Mt.Kiara condo has 3+1 bedrooms and 3 baths. It's total built-up is 1850 sq.ft. If you want to rent, it will set you back $1670 (Rm 6,000) a month. It is within walking distance to Garden International school and Mt. Kiara International school. Plaza Mt. Kiara, a local shopping mall is only 10 minutes walk away where banks, restaurants, grocers, salons, shops, offices are conveniently located.

They have facilities such as 24 hours 2-tier security system, a clubhouse, cafeteria, swimming pool, wading pool, tennis courts, squash courts, sauna, Spa, gymnasium and even a barbecue area to hold a private barbecue party.

Exquisitely landscaped garden is a sight to behold. It has one of the best designed swimming pools in Mt. Kiara I have ever seen. Kiaramas Condominium is located in an area exclusively favored by ex-patriots.

More information can be obtained at this number +6 014 2600 588 ( email: jalliew@yahoo.com). Other areas of interests may also be worthwhile to consider if you are being transferred to Malaysia for business.

A relative of mine was robbed of her handbag today. Resulting in a broken car window and her handbag of personal items, not to mention cash. It all happened while waiting for the lights to turn green. Two men on motorbikes stopped beside her on her left and smashed her left passenger. They grabbed her handbag and tried to escape.
Unfortunately the victim's hand was bleeding from cuts of broken glass. All this at Pandan Indah traffic junction. There were cars in front, behind and by her side who say the whole episode.
None of our so called caring society in those cars came to help. All were watching true life drama of the snatch thieves.

Some people have ask me to include a little of local content pertaining to the entertainment and lifestyles of Malaysians. Well the wide popularity of lottery games has been common subject among locals besides cinema, pubs, shopping and travel. Here is an article on how to play the 4D game as a past time.

Let's look at how to analyse datas and study its forms and patterns for playing the Numbers game.

First and foremost we must have sufficient datas collected in order to be able to put it on a spreadsheet.

How much data are we talking about ? Quite alot !

In a typical game of Magnum 4D ( or Pick 4 ) , we need at least 3 to 4 years of results. I found out from my own programs, this much information is required to put through my programs to yield some patterns or forms.

I compute and analyse these data for periods of 1 week, 3 weeks, 2 months, 8 months and18 months. Different patterns emerged for these 5 "break points". Usually it surfaced a repetition in any one of these periods. We use the 3 to 4 years data to "test proof" the outcome of the patterns. If the same occurs in these 3 or 4 years , then we can safely play along this formation and disregard others.

How to gather these infos and put it on paper?

Open up a spreadsheet such as Excel and fill all the 4 years data in it vertically in the first column as shown.

Data all evens all odds 2e2o 3e1o 3o1e all big all small 2b2s twins



It goes on for the 4 years data. My horizontal (i.e. x-axis) shown has indicated only 11 entry patterns. My own spreadsheet has much more including line sums, doubles, triples, quads, last 2 digits pattern, last 3 digits patterns, etc, etc. You need not go too deep into all possibilities at this stage. If you are a programmer then this is the break to start writing "routines and sub-routines" to check for frequency.

For starters, just concentrate on 2even2odd, 2big2small, twins and doubles. These has the highest occurrence. Its pattern normally surfaced for periods of 2 months, 8 months and 18 months. If any of these pattern holds true for the periods I just mentioned, then it is wise to play along this path. There will be other patterns starting to appear.

I won't go into the mathematics of the game. Just remember buying a single 4-digit number out of 10,000 possible ones are not much of a hope. But betting on a 4-digit number from a pattern (with much reduced numbers) with a good chance of "re-appearing" again is a safer bet.

This logical approach is how my programs are based upon. It will also calculate the "percentage probability" of the "grouping" or "pattern" it computes. When a very high probability ( usually 82% to 94% ) occurs in whatever patterns or forms it presents to me, then I may consider putting a wager on it. In other words, I only play when my program tells me to. It also calculates the number of times a number has had a "hit" for 3 years, 5 years or 10 years. ( I have records for 20 years of data for Magnum 4D) ; or whether its a "Hot" or "Cold" number.

There are many other ways a favourite pattern or number shows itself. There are "series" groupings; playing only 1-digit, 2-digit or 3-digits for Magnum 4D (or Pick4). The latter is my favourite method because I only have to bet or guess 1 or 2 digits correct in a 4-digit Magnum game to win ! I call this method " Netting a Winner". It is alot of fun and I have netted winning numbers many times.

Another method is the "Brooding". It is another favourite of mine because I have fine-tuned this program many times. This was my first program and I still uses it alot when other patterns fail to come up with some good numbers for me. Incubation period is usually within 4 to 6 draws