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Many have heard of The Curve at Damansara Perdana in Petaling Jaya. After 1-Utama shopping malls, the Curve has to be the if not the most popular shopping ,in all PJ. When some one mentioned The Curve, it is actually not The Curve Shopping Mall itself. The whole area is actually referred to as Mutiara Damansara. This peculiar layout is some what like a big maze. It inter-links and inter-twines with several other shopping malls. There is Tescos, the British Supermarket chain, IKEA the Swedish home maker's paradise, Harvey Norman - a giant electrical and electronics superstore and of course the Curve itself. Each is it's own entity with it's own car-parks and sub-stalls at their respective walkways and corridors. From furniture to Hi-Fi, and from groceries to handbags, you can find almost anything in this place. With so many malls inter-connected by walkways and underground passage-ways, this place is undoubtedly my favourite place to visit or take the kids out for a day of fun.

IKEA for home furnishing ideas.

IKEA is the most visited mall on this area. Almost all who has bought a new condo or a new house will at one time or another come here to get some bright ideas to decorate their new dream home. However there are those who dislike the quality of its products. But you will definitely go back with some small things which are irresistible. Here too is the only place you can savour the " Swedish Meatballs".

In any mall, we cannot leave out Starbucks can we? They seem to be every where!

Supermarkets for your grocery needs.

Buying books in this outlet. There are other bigger book shops too.

A stall selling fancy foot wear.

The foyer at The Curve.

This walkway - the East street leads you to Tesco.

Pet Safari, a favourite among children. Most exotic pets can be bought here. Dogs, cats, fishes including marine fish, snakes, rabbits, and many more.

There are a number of snakes for sale here.

DIY shops where you can find most home repair items.

A famous local Secret Recipe outlet.

Next American Idol at 2 years 10 months? Well, could be and why not? After seeing how Simon Cowell and the American audience responded to children singing on talent shows especially on American Idol, it may be a good start at the tender age of three. This is actually a clip of my daughter singing in my garden when she was only 2 years and 10 months. All the songs that I sang to her before she goes to sleep since she was 1 year old, she somehow remembered. So whenever she is happy, she just blurted out these night time "before bed" songs. And when she does, there is no stopping her! Singing away one song after another till she is out of breath.

Come along, my little angel, lets go meet Simon Cowell in Hollywood!

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