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Joining a friend for high tea at Starbucks in Mid Valley Mega Mall was a casual affair. When I am not travelling or writing about travel and holidays, we normally like to gather for a cup of tea. In this case as it is Starbucks, a cup of cappuccino. I love their cheese cakes but....

I brought along my umpc laptop computer, knowing very well there are wifi at Starbucks. My friend brought along her own laptop, a Sony Vaio. She was already on the web when I arrived but was too busy in her "work", she hardly notice my arrival. I took a little peek from behind her and instantly knew she was involved in some forum discussions. So what forum was she on today? It wasn't a forum, she said. It's MyLot, a social networking site. What's the big deal?. Social networks or forums are more or less the same. You join one, go in to read or post a comment, or maybe ask a question. Isn't that what's all about?

No, I was wrong, that's what she said. This is no ordinary social networking. This, you can start your very own discussion. When you post a topic, within minutes you will see comments coming in. That is because many are online reading and replying to discussions. She just posted one while waiting for me, now she is too busy replying! Can't blame her really, because I can clearly see there are at the very least 20 comments waiting for her reply. She went on to explain what MyLot was all about.

What's great about this social networking site is that you get paid for replying to comments! The more you reply, the more money you get! You can also get paid by joining other member's discussion and reply to those. There are practically tons and tons of topics you can discuss. Topics such as love, relationship, money, pets, work, parenting, business, travel, food... you name it. Some discussions are ridiculous. Why would I join in to a topic such as "You want to know how I cook rice?". And yes, tons of comments. Its not an intelligent topic of discussion, neither are the answers captivating. But so many replies and comments. And every replies earns money! I wouldn't mind joining in if I am getting paid either.

To participate in the MyLot discussions, you have to be a member. Its a free membership, anyone can join. Once in, you will get paid each time you post a reply to a discussion. You can even start your own. There are more money to be earned if you write a review for one of the many available in "task". Each review pays a certain sum and pays good. Why not ask your friends to join in and have fun? They will also be paid separately too. On top of that, you get further earnings for referrals! MyLot pays well and if you need proof of payment, there are lots to verify MyLot is a genuine social networking site.

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When you travel to Kuala Lumpur, you probably would have checked in to one of the hotels along Jalan Sultan Ismail. If so, you are the lucky ones. Hotels along this stretch of the road are 5 star hotels with good dining and excellent cuisine on their menus. On the other hand, if you happen to travel to Kuala Lumpur with just a backpack, you are even luckier! There is nothing like travelling and visiting a place on a shoestring budget and get to shop for stuffs you can hardly find any where else. These are not designer labels but are items you would proudly hang on your walls to display for all to see. Travelling on a shoestring budget means you really have to look around for good and cheap restaurants and accommodation that's affordable.

Jalan Bukit Bintang, the renown "Bintang Walk" is a favourite for both foreign and local travellers. Not because it's surrounded by many new shopping malls, but it is a place saturated with multitude of cultures. Of late, middle eastern restaurants and shops sprouted in every corner of Bintang Walk.

A place worth exploring for travellers is a stretch of road just off and adjacent to Jalan Bintang called Jalan Alor. This used to be a favourite hangout for many locals including me. A place filled with food stalls of every taste and flavour. Now the place of Jalan Alor has in addition to the local dishes, Turkish, Scottish, English, Australian, Italian and French. These new restaurants don't have the price tag of a five star hotel but they are affordable, authentic and the foods are down right delicious! If you don't fancy these, then hop along to the others serving local cuisine.

Here too are several inns, budget hotels, apartments and guest houses where you can get accommodation for a day, a week or even a month. Some even have "bed and breakfast" concept, very popular in the United Kingdom. Do not be alarmed that some of these are operated by English and Germans!

For shoppers? Bintang Walk has much to offer. Well known among locals for their multi media and computer related peripherals is Low Yat Plaza and Imbi Plaza. travellers and shoppers are advised to check out these two malls even if you are only just browsing. These two malls are notorious for the extremely low pricing policies! It is the cheapest place to buy computer and other digital products. Laptops, desktops, LCD TVs, MP3, MP4 players, routers, DVD discs, you name it, they have it. Brands like Toshiba, Dell, Sony, HP, Acer, Apple, Asus and others.

Travellers and shoppers to Kuala Lumpur also have to bear in mind, multimedia and digital products are tax free!

The latest addition to the shoppers in the KLCC area besides the Suria KLCC is the Pavilion. Travellers and local tourist were keen to check out what Pavilion has to offer. If you are into designer labels, then you will like this place. Vast contrast to the other shopping malls and complexes is that you don't find small local shop outlets. Shopping carts and stalls associated with other malls are standard features in most malls. But here I don't see any. Is it a rule they are prohibited or it's too early that cart stall owners have yet to set up shop here?



Branded labels of big names like Mont Blanc, Burberry, Canali, Club Monaco,Gucci, Boss, Hermes and numerous others have already open their doors.


In this recession period would all these designer labels do well? But travellers and locals seem to browse the merchandise, rather then doing an actual purchase. This new shopping mall have all famous brands you can ever find. Obviously they are targeting a niche market. You can tell locals who are "loaded" with cash when you see one. A quick glance at all the visitors, I cannot pin-point a prospective rich client. I would say they come under a category called "curious visitors", it would more appropriate.

The Foyer.
The overall design and architecture is mesmerising. It's unique, it's different and it's very well decorated and done up. If this mall were to be in say, London or Paris, it would be a big hit. As it is now, the Pavilion may be too "posh" for local taste. I enjoyed myself immensely at the lobby area, not to mention the food court. Might be a bit up market, but I loved it.

Would I be back? Definitely, not to look for designer labels, but to check out new additions to the food courts! Somehow I do not belong to the "upper middle class" anyway. I am more of a "pasar malam" bargain hunter.

I am an avid follower of a local blogger from Penang who has been blogging since 2003. Her latest post I read today should serve as a lesson for other Malaysian bloggers. We know blogging for money can be a lucrative past time, hopefully raking in Rm 2000 or Rm 3000 monthly if one has become "Pro" status. I also knew of some making Rm 10,000 a month. These bloggers usually have been blogging for several years and has acquired the tools of the trade, so to speak. So during my recent visit to her blog, I was caught by a big surprise. Her earnings was Rm 30,000 this month! This sort of salary scale is huge, and even many top Malaysian CEO's don't reach this level of pay. Good job blogger 5xmom ! You made us proud.

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Redang Island

Exotic Beauty of Malacca

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Fancy a weekend getaway and travel to a remote island with fine sandy beaches and deep blue seas? Pulau Redang may just be the place you need to visit. A budget traveller's choice, Pulau Redang has everything a person needs to relax and bask in the tropical sun, lazing and do nothing else. If studying marine life is your forte, go snorkeling and watch in real life what National Geographic has been showing you all this while.

Pulau Redang slide show.
The best way to get to Pulau Redang is travel by air to Kuala Trengannu. From there they have ferry service to take you to Pulau Redang. At the same time, enjoy the scenic beauty of open sea and the little uninhibited islands as your ferry passes by. Pulau Redang is about 45 km off Kuala Trengannu coast. It is the largest in the archipelago of islands which als includes Pulau Ekor, Pulau Pinang, Pulau Bidond, Pulau Tengah, Pulau Paku Besar and Pulau Lima.
The green turtle and the Hawksbill turtle has their breeding grounds in the sandy beaches of Pulau Redang. There is a protected Marine Park in Pulau Redang where one can snorkel and observe the marine creatures in their natural habitat. There is a in-house photographer on site to take photographs while colourful marine fishes both large and small swam around you with their curious eyes. It is a sight to behold! One of the guides took a huge sea cucumber from the coral reef and showed it to us. It was almost 3 feet long!
The marine life in the park are protected under the law. You can take photos, go snorkeling, or even touch the the corals and the fishes, but you must take any away. There is a hefty fine of $3000 if you remove any marine life including the corals away from their habitat.
It is advisable to bring enough cash for I did not see any atm machines around. Most things are a little more expensive here compare to other areas of Malaysia, maybe because of it's remoteness.
Pulau Redang has one of the finest and unspoilt beaches I have ever come across. The water is crystal clear and you can practically see the fishes swimming away. There are several chalets, inns and budget hotels in Pulau Redang. If you are a budget traveller, these inexpensive inns are just perfect for a tranquil and relaxing weekend getaway. You can even get a package for a 3 days 2 nights accomodation which includes snorkelling at the marine park for only $85.00.

After an exciting day of unpacking our luggage, had a little rest, enjoyed the free buffet and a little swim at the Berjaya Langkawi Beach and Spa Resort, we thought it appropriate to have a little walk around the beach resort to see what activities lies ahead. From our chalets, we could hear the sound of crickets, some bird's calling and strange noises which we couldn't identify. We took along the torch light as it will be getting dark soon, and head on to do our own discovery. We took the path towards the main wing of the hotel resort thinking it couldn't be that far. They have little buggy cars that came along every so often to take guests to the main lobby. One came along, but we turn down the offer. Since it was a cool breezy evening, a light stroll should be refreshing, so we thought. Little did we know that one can get lost, and that's exactly what happened to us. When we returned to our chalet 2 hours later all sweaty and tired, we vowed to take the buggies in future.

Strange noises that emerged from the bushes turn out to be nothing more than cats scavenging for food. The other unidentifiable sounds were just some cheeky monkeys fooling around. With every arrival of a new guest, these playful little devils knows there's food around. So the evening turn out to be rather unexciting.

The day after, we were determined to try out the cable cars. It is only 5 minutes drive from our resort. Its located at the Langkawi Geo Park Info Center. Here you can find souvenirs from the local crafts and duty free items to purchase. We bought lots of chocolates, some drinks, liqueurs and few items clothing made by some locals. The children were having fun feeding Koi carps and geese in the pond.

The Langkawi Geo Park; local Handicrafts on display; the Cable Car ride was closed.

The greatest disappointment was not being able to ride the cable car due to bad hazy weather, primarily caused by forest fires in a neighbouring country.
Not very far from the Langkawi Geo Park was a jungle trekking site called the "Seven Wells". We thought we'll check it out. Apparently, "Seven Well" is actually 7 little ponds or rather 7 water catchments located about 610 meters up a mountain. Since we are checking out the tracking site, we took the challenge of climbing up the stairs to the Seven Wells. Now, that was a very big mistake on my part. The climb up was very steep, not to say the least. It took us 45 minutes to climb, we got caught in a sudden downpour and worst of all, there wasn't much to see! There was a signboard when we reached the Seven Wells saying, the jungle tracking "Starts here". No, we dismissed the whole idea of jungle tracking; period. Instead we went to a lovely waterfall within the vicinity.

Waterfall near Seven Wells.

A mariner just outside Berjaya Langkawi Resort
Langkawi underwater world, popular with kids.
A Giant Catfish at Langkawi Underwater World
All in all, the whole trip was quite satisfying. Travel and tours operators have packages to Langkawi which includes food and lodging at different hotels and resorts. For budget travellers, google around and you find a package to suit your wallet. As Air Asia fares are so cheap, travel to other areas in Malaysia and explore!

Travel to Langkawi Island, an archipelago of 99 islands located in the north-west of Malaysia belonging to the Kedah state. I have heard so much about it but have never been there. I knew there is a legend of a Ledang Princess and the International Maritime Show held annually in Langkawi, that much I know. Travel and shopping in Langkawi is often a common reason for locals to visit this beautiful island. Moreover, it is "tax free" as well. What sort of shopping would one expect out of Langkawi? And how shall we get to travel there?

We decided the best way is to travel is by air. And the airline obviously has to be Air Asia, a new and young "No Frills" airline much like "Ryan Air" of the United Kingdom. In the short span of just a few years, this small airline, salvaged from a local airline gone into liquidation, has emerged to be the most popular of all air travel to local destinations. Pricing is only a fraction of other domestic airlines.

The CEO of Air Asia, Dato' Seri Tony Fernandez (left of pic)

The flight from Sepang International Airport to Langkawi was just over 2 hours. The minute we got on the Air Asia's Airbus A300 plane, we hurriedly occupied the window seats, for it was a free seating arrangement. I was surprised to noticed a young gentleman who looked like the airlines CEO at the far end of the aisle. The air stewardess standing beside me confirmed that it was the "Boss" himself when I pose the question to her. When our "V.I.P" approached nearer, I asked if I could take a photo of him. Not only did he obliged but insisted we have a photo together! So Dato' Seri Tony Fernandez took the camera from me and gave it to the air stewardess. Such a nice and kind gentleman and a definite contribution to his airlines in my eyes for having excellent PR skills towards his passengers.

The sight from the side window of the plane was breathtaking as we approach the landing strip. I could see countless numbers of islands of different shapes and sizes. Which is the main island of Langkawi? I didn't realise until much later that Langkawi was actually made up of 99 islands!

One of the 99 islands of Langkawi

On arrival at the airport, we were greeted by a man from a taxi service outlet located at the main terminal. To travel around and doing some serious sight seeing, you must rent a car to optimise your experience in Langkawi. We chose an MPV which cost us $23.00 a day which was cheap. For a party of 6, it works out to be less than $4.00 each. The petrol in Langkawi is cheap anyway, being a tax free holiday resort.

We had earlier booked 3 Superior/Double beds chalets at Berjaya Langkawi Beach and Spa Resort before our departure from Sepang International Airport. The rates were $120.00 a night for these lovely chalets. Some of these chalets are at the sea front, with a gorgeous view of the open sea. Others like the ones we had are built on stilts resembling much like ancient village homes.

A typical village style chalet in a tropical rain forest setting.

What we discovered in Langkawi is the cleanliness of its beaches. It somehow reminded me of the beaches in California when I was there, minus the Californian holiday makers of course. I still give it the thumbs up for Venice Beach. None the less, the beaches here is clean and the waters are crystal clear. Our kids just could not wait to take a dip in the waters. Its a pleasant surprise not to see a big crowd of holiday makers here, a big contrast to other beaches I have seen else where. One would describe it as peaceful and serene.

Sea front chalets at Berjaya Langkawi Beach and Spa Resort.

In house swimming pool at the Berjaya Langkawi Beach Resort. Many of the kids are seen swimming here rather than the beach. Its like a miniature "theme park" style layout with waterfalls and slide.

A small crowd of tourist tanning under the sun.
The travel to Langkawi was interesting and a learning experience as I have never been here. Dining at the Berjaya Langkawi Beach and Spa Resort was quite good, not the usual I expected of a Beach Resort. We had buffet at the restaurant which served mainly local cuisine. I always enjoy a nice juicy piece of steak or maybe English Lamb Chops, but not at the buffet bar.

Laptops, mini and ultra portable, such as the Asus EeePC 900 seems to be the favourite among students, professionals, writers and computer freaks like me. Go to shopping malls that sells computers, and you will find numerous well known brands joining in the bandwagon to get sales. The mini laptops are fairly cheap usually around $180 has the same specification of its larger cousins. The mini laptops ultra portability and small size is ideal for those who are always on the go.

It is for this reason I drove down to my local multi media shopping mall and purchase a Asus EeePC 900 mini laptop computer or it is sometimes called ultra mobile PC (umpc) for short. This is definitely the most versatile of all laptop computers. With a screen size of only 7 inches this tiny wonder can easily be put inside one's briefcase without the added weight of the normal notebook computer.The price is cheap considering, for I only paid $190 for mine. This comes with a memory of 2Gb in Ram, hard-disc with 170 Gb, built-in wifi, 3 USB ports and a built-in webcam. It also comes with original Windows XP Professional operating system.

My Asus EeePC 900H

I have been using my mini laptop computer for about 4 months now and I have not had a single complaint about my this laptop computer. I do practically everything on this tiny beauty. I do my online work anywhere I want to including train rides, taxis, on holiday; just about anywhere and anytime. The stand-by battery last for 4 hours, this is long enough for me to do my whole day's work on my internet. Now I don't even open my other laptop computer. Why need to? I have got my new Asus EeePC 900H mini laptop computer.

Places where you can get good bargains for mini laptops are Low Yat Plaza in Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur and my favourite place the Multi Media Shopping Mall in Section 14, Petaling Jaya.

When you thought that now the whole world is practically in financial turmoil, and making money wasn't that easy, one would have to watch what they spend on and how they spend their money. But money speaks volumes; it can make or break a business, crumbles a fundamentally solid and strong bank, it can change our lifestyle or it can convey a wrong message to developers of properties that times are still good.

In Kuala Lumpur, the latter seems to be true as new developments such as huge shopping malls are sprouting up almost on a monthly basis, if not daily. Before anyone has a chance to explore what has in store for shoppers, another new shopping complex opens its doors. Many of the new ones have not even enjoyed full occupancy rate as far as anchor tenants are concerned. Why then another new mall starts its maiden launch? It all boils down to the shoppers and their spending power.

My family and I was out taking a casual stroll along the famous Bintang Walk right in the heart of the city and I remarked to my wife about the new mall in front of us that just open it's doors to the public. We looked at it and was taken in by it's glittering array of lights, much resembling that on Christmas Day; and the beautiful swaying palm trees on each side of it's grandiose main entrance. Without hesitation, we hurriedly walk across to the other side of the road and into the mall. There were 5 levels of shopping area with shops, boutiques, hair salons, jewellery shops, pharmacies, stationary, supermarkets, departmental stores, restaurants and countless numbers of others. What strikes me most is that the shops are there, but where is the crowd? Yes there were some, but with such a low traffic, I doubt any of the shops can barely make any profit. This was 3 months ago and I have re-visited the same shopping mall 3 more times. Each time I visited the place, it's still the same old story, there are no visitors!

Shoppers are there but not to this new mall but the other existing ones. Shoppers have the money; they dictates who lives and who dies in the "battle of the malls". Right now it is any body's guess how well this new mall will fare in the months to come. Only time will tell; only the shoppers will decide.....

Posted by J.A. 16Th. June 2009

Exotic and Historical travel destination; Malacca. The Dutch, British and Portuguese have had at one time been here, a historical city south of metropolitan Kuala Lumpur. The city of Malacca has been conferred a World Heritage status and rightly so too. No other place in Malaysia can one find such a large population of Portuguese descend who has made this city their home. Rich in history, it's monumental landmarks, the beautiful and enchanting floral landscapes and it's diversity of cultures, Malacca is indeed a place not to be missed when visiting Malaysia.

A windmill - a reminder of the existence of Dutch colonialism at one time in history. Dutch and Portuguese food is still very much alive in this world heritage city. Tourists from Europe likes Malacca for its beauty and rich European culture.

The pink " Stad Huys " - a famous landmark with its more than a century old clock tower and cathedral in the backyard. The central point for the residents here.

UNESCO declared Malacca a World Heritage site status, much to the joy and approval of the Malacca residents. At the forefront, a row of beautifully decorated trishaws on display.

Mainly of Portuguese or Malay ancestry, these trishaw owners welcomes tourist by taking them on a short ride of Malacca and the Malacca Riverside. They are well mannered and courteous and majority speaks English.

A Joy ride for these tourists.

Christ Church of Malacca

Central square with a fountain reminder from the colonial masters.

Malacca is a must see exotic destination while visiting Malaysia. The food here are cheap and excellent. A famous dish as a result of European and local fusion called the " Devil's Curry" is only found here in Malacca. And the Chicken Rice dishes here are not to be found anywhere else because the rice is served as "rice balls", much like meatballs.

Some of the popular shopping malls people frequent in Malaysia. Many of the malls are fairly new. Designer labels are common items in these malls.

Star Hill

The Curve

Mid-Valley Magamall

Low Yat

Food Court

Sungai Wang

Lot 10



Night Scene in KL

Posted June 12th. 2009
Chinese, Pinoys, Malays, Indians, Poruguese, Eurasians, English, Kadazans, Dayaks ...............
The list goes on , for these are among some of the citizens of Malaysia that made us unique.

It has often been mentioned and said in numerous articles around the globe about Malaysia's cultural heritage and its multi-cultural, multi-ethnic society. To the world at large, this potpourri of culture, races, festivities and social blending is usually not well understood. While being a Malaysian myself, I have had my own experiences in the social behaviour of other countries. England being my second home, has had it's own acute social problem in tackling the sudden influx of numerous ethnic minorities from other former Commonwealth countries. I enjoy living in the UK, enjoyed being a Londoner, but that does not mean my life of 12 years there did not has its "downside". I find tolerance towards other races rather low amongst the Brits.

Travelling has been a great interest of mine. I have been to Holland, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Spain, Portugal, France, Canada, USA and many other countries. I dare to say I feel racial tolerance is an issue in most countries. Ethnic minorities are not particularly well understood with regards to their culture and believes. The "new immigrants" thus resort to keeping their lives to themselves and seldom socialise. This in return, creates more misunderstandings towards their cultural believes.

Malaysia is not perfect but major races namely Malays, Chinese and Indians which made up of the majority of the population have lived together since before independence from the United Kingdom in 1957. The fight for independence and the eventual "marching" by the 3 major races (Malays, Chinese, Indians) represented by their respective leaders to ask Queen Elizabeth II to grant full independence to Malaysia indicates the tolerance and cooperation among the major races. This creates an atmosphere conducive enough to extend to the other minorities in the country. These minorities many of whom are the indigenous people here are gracefully accepted as fellow Malaysian without any questions asked.

So why is Malaysia so different and tolerant towards other races? Why many other countries find race relation an issue? The reason is simple enough. Malaysians grew up together with their multi-racial friends. They were all born in Malaysia and not "new immigrants". Racial disharmony becomes an issue if fellow citizens were not naturally born in their country of residence. The culture, believes and religion "imported" into the new home usually bring about curiosity and caution to the host country.

We are lucky, we are Malaysians.

Ever wonder why western countries are talking so much about recession and we here in Malaysia is not feeling the pinch? I was having coffee the other day with an old friend at Starbucks in Mid-Valley Mega mall and the subject of economy slowdown cropped up. I commented on a recent newspaper report that General Motors in under receivership under the Obama administration. So many jobs will be lost and thousands upon thousands the livelihood of employees of GM will be affected. General Motors has become an iconic figure in the US and the effect of it's downfall will be catastrophic. He commented that here in Malaysia we have a good life unlike the US. We don't have the recession! How can he say that, I asked. Look around and for goodness sake, read the papers, I said. There are so many American factories closing down due to poor electronics and computer sales.

But when I look around me, I see Malaysians bustling around and coming out from those "exclusive designer" shops and boutiques with shiny expensive merchandise in their hands. Are we not in a recession? More importantly, do these shoppers realise there is a global financial crunch? Why on earth am I in Starbucks paying almost RM10.00 for my coffee anyway? I could easily have my coffee anywhere else and it would only cost me RM1.50. Little did I realise I am as thick headed as these shoppers.

Most high end properties are not selling well. The five-star hotels have low occupancy rate, the government said it has no money. But the KLCC-gites like me are out enjoying ourselves! This is KLCC, this is Malaysia!

Malaysians tend to have a "tidak apa" attitude. It literally means, we couldn't care less. When the unfortunate happens such as the Asian financial crisis a few years back, the Malaysian starts frantically cutting down all the luxuries and revert to village style living.

When will we learn? Or should I say, when will I Learn?

Vaccine in October 2009

According to a recent newspaper report, a vaccine may be available in September or October 2009. Whether the report is true or not, we desperately needed some kind of a hope to cling on to especially now when we see so many cases being reported daily. This pandemic is escalating at an alarming rate. Even if no vaccine is found, we still require some other drugs or medicine to curtail this from spreading like wild fire. The Asian bird flu has already caught us by surprise and now this swine flu has done the same. We are not ready at such short notice, we are prepared for yet another onslaught of animal disease. Helpless as we are, we can't ignore the fact that these animal diseases are crossing borders; trespassing into human territory.

The CDC or Center for Disease Control has been testing out samples for the new found cure. Will these vaccines be safe enough for human consumption and quickly gets the approval of the FDA? To date more than 8000 cases have been reported in the United States alone. The latest victim was a man who died because of the swine flu.

Worldwide, new cases are reported daily. Easy transportation via air travel has made it possible for the swine flu virus to fly first class to new destinations and create new breeding grounds. Maybe we should halt air travel for the time being before this virus gets out of control.