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Its the time of the year where seasonal harvest of local Malaysian fruits are in abundance. This time its the Cikus, Langsats, Durians, Mangosteens, Rambutans, Jackfruits and Pineapples. Malaysia being in the equitorial belt enjoys a great variety of tropical fruits all year round. But certain fruits are only available on a seasonal period. Durians, Langsats, Mangosteens and Ranbutans are on sale at certain time of the year.

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Some of the local fruits in season and available with photos of how they look like are portrayed here.

(1) Rambutans (2) Cikus 3) Jambu Air

Ranbutans are succulent and sweet and rich in vitamin C. Cikus resembles Kiwi fruits. Unlike Kiwi fruits, Cikus are sweet and are brownish inside,not green. It also has large black seeds. Jambu Air is also rich in vitamin C. They are soft and crunchy and very juicy!

(4) Watermelon (5) Durians (6) Mangosteens

Watermelons are available all year round. They come in two varieties, the red and the yellow seedless type. Both are succulent and very tasty! The Durian is not every foreigner's "cup of tea". To the locals, its heavenly aroma is enticing! To a foreigner, the smell "pongs" for miles!
Ah yes, my favourite mangosteen! Just look at it. Need I say more?

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Almost everyone loves sushi. It's an imported cultural cuisine from oriental Japan, the land of the rising sun. The popularity of this exotic and yet mystical delight can be found in almost any country. In Malaysia, as far as I can recall, sushi became popular about 20 odd years ago. Now you can find restaurants selling sushi almost everywhere, from hotels to local restaurants and even food courts. Travel to any country and you won't fail to find a sushi outlet. Sushi recipes are churning out even in family recipes.

When you have travelled so far to Kuala Lumpur and the KLCC, you may not think so much of a oriental Japanese dinner. More to your liking, you maybe trying out local dishes instead. But if you ever have a sudden craze for an authentic Japanese food, head on to Starhill and the J.W. Marriot hotel in downtown Jalan Bukit Bintang. There is a restaurant called the Jogoya which serves real authentic Japanese food, more specifically, sushi. It cost merely $25 per person for a sumptuous buffet dinner. Be prepared though, this is no ordinary buffet. Make very sure you have skipped breakfast, lunch and dinner. This place is full of gorgeous, delightful, mouth watering, most appetising and wonderful display of sushi, sushi, sushi and more sushi you can ever find anywhere!. It has the most variety of Japanese food I have ever seen. Lobsters, fresh scallops, fresh oysters, prawns, young coconut drinks, hundreds of sushi types, mushrooms, dim sums, vegetables, cakes, ice creams and not to be missed, capuchinos and also tea!

Eat what you want, drink what you want, it's all in the $25 you have paid prior to entering Jogoya. It truly is an oriental food haven. I mean, look at the food dishes they have, you just want to try them all! Some dishes requires you take a number clip whereby when it's cooked, they will bring it along to your table. These are mainly soups with vegetables and seafood or mushrooms. Others you just stood there while they prepare the dishes for you. Unlike many buffets I have seen, they keep replacing the items the minute one dish is empty.

Just take a look at what you can find at Jogoya in the slide show, and you will have a pretty good idea what I mean. The food is excellent bar none and the atmosphere is quite "romantic". It's a shame it's not Valentine's day. Nevertheless, everyday can be Valentine's day at Jogoya.

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If one were to travel to Kuala Lumpur, one may not realise that Kuala Lumpur has many areas of local interests besides the KLCC Twin Towers and the Kuala Lumpur Tower. These are the places most frequented by locals either for just a day trip or a weekend picnic with the kids. These are ideal destinations for any travellers to Kuala Lumpur to experience at first hand what Kuala Lumpur is all about. These are also the areas whereby any avid photographer would be very happy to click away his shutters on his cameras to capture the beauty and the diversity of its cultures. From the hustle and bustle of Petaling Street to the tranquil and serene environment of Lake Tittiwangsa, overlooking the gigantic Millennium Wheel.

If one were lucky enough to stay at one of the hotels populating the Chinatown area of Kuala Lumpur, one would be able to savour the multitude of cuisines that Chinatown offers. Malaysians from all walks of life have tried the variety of foods in abundance here. From "Dim Sums" to roast ducks, from potato crisps to butter cookies, you name it,they are everywhere. Here too, one should not miss the opportunity to browse through one or more shops for that little "something" may not be available elsewhere. But more surprises are in store to tourist travelling to this remote side of the orient.

Evenings are meant for casual strolls; but it's a different story in Kuala Lumpur's Chinatown. Every evening this area transforms into a night market which sells anything from watches to Gucci bags. Fancy some Hard Rock cafe T-shirts? Or perhaps a Rolex watch? Yes, you can get it all here. Maybe you prefer to try some authentic chinese food? Or a drink at a pub to quench your thirst? You will not leave Petaling Street, the more popular name for this Chinatown, without buying something, I assure you! It is a delight just to visit Petaling Street.