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Joining a friend for high tea at Starbucks in Mid Valley Mega Mall was a casual affair. When I am not travelling or writing about travel and holidays, we normally like to gather for a cup of tea. In this case as it is Starbucks, a cup of cappuccino. I love their cheese cakes but....

I brought along my umpc laptop computer, knowing very well there are wifi at Starbucks. My friend brought along her own laptop, a Sony Vaio. She was already on the web when I arrived but was too busy in her "work", she hardly notice my arrival. I took a little peek from behind her and instantly knew she was involved in some forum discussions. So what forum was she on today? It wasn't a forum, she said. It's MyLot, a social networking site. What's the big deal?. Social networks or forums are more or less the same. You join one, go in to read or post a comment, or maybe ask a question. Isn't that what's all about?

No, I was wrong, that's what she said. This is no ordinary social networking. This, you can start your very own discussion. When you post a topic, within minutes you will see comments coming in. That is because many are online reading and replying to discussions. She just posted one while waiting for me, now she is too busy replying! Can't blame her really, because I can clearly see there are at the very least 20 comments waiting for her reply. She went on to explain what MyLot was all about.

What's great about this social networking site is that you get paid for replying to comments! The more you reply, the more money you get! You can also get paid by joining other member's discussion and reply to those. There are practically tons and tons of topics you can discuss. Topics such as love, relationship, money, pets, work, parenting, business, travel, food... you name it. Some discussions are ridiculous. Why would I join in to a topic such as "You want to know how I cook rice?". And yes, tons of comments. Its not an intelligent topic of discussion, neither are the answers captivating. But so many replies and comments. And every replies earns money! I wouldn't mind joining in if I am getting paid either.

To participate in the MyLot discussions, you have to be a member. Its a free membership, anyone can join. Once in, you will get paid each time you post a reply to a discussion. You can even start your own. There are more money to be earned if you write a review for one of the many available in "task". Each review pays a certain sum and pays good. Why not ask your friends to join in and have fun? They will also be paid separately too. On top of that, you get further earnings for referrals! MyLot pays well and if you need proof of payment, there are lots to verify MyLot is a genuine social networking site.

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