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I won 4D Lottery again!

Now is the 17th. of January 2010 and today is Sunday. I won 3 winning numbers yesterday and today I won another 3 winning number which also has a 3rd. Prize too!

Don't believe me? Just go to my NEW blog. Its a blog mainly to post my winning ticket proofs. I play 4D numbers for fun. I write my own computer programs and I play with these 4D numbers. This month alone I already won 8 times and its only 17 days of January. Sometimes I give some tips and hints, not every time though. But I do teach my methods in one of my blogs which receives quite a lot of visitors. It also comes out on Google search engines. If you search for "How to win 4D lottery", my blog will be on the top 3 listing on the first page of Google search. In fact, two of my blogs will be on the top 5 listing.

When people say they can win 4D lottery once a month on a regular basis, do you believe him? I know I don't. So if I tell you I won 4D lottery 7 times in November 2009, 2 times in Dec.2009 and now January 2010 winning 8 times in only 17 days, would you believe me? Of course YOU WON'T believe me! Its not an April's fool day joke, just visit my new blog, I only posts my winning tickets and nothing else. Oh yes, I also gave some tips.

So if you want to play 4D lottery games and have some fun, just visit my blogs. One of the blogs teach you some methods and the other my winning tickets. I don't really gamble so I play Rm 1.00 and Rm 2.00 bets only just to proof my method works.

The tips I give out are free but I do get requests now and again. For these, I do charge a small fee. Although I cannot reveal the actual method of how to play, if you play on the tips I gave, you should like me, hit a winning number at least once a month. Don't play as a "gambler" but play safe as "entertainment" and you should win some and also have fun playing.

Please remember that any lottery game is still a game of chance. No one can actually predict a number, but playing it smart and careful will increase you chances. Making money is always welcome as far as I am concerned.

My blog on how to choose wining numbers http://www.win3d4dlotttery.blogspot.com/
Blog where I post my winning proofs http://www.howtowin4dlottery.blogspot.com/


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