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The Full moon on New Year Day

A new moon for a new year 2010.
The news said on the night of the new year, there was an eclipse of the full moon from around 1.15 am till 5.00 am. On this night I was taking a photo shot of the moon with my camera on a tripod. I was actually trying to take photos of the fireworks display from my balcony but to my dismay, the fireworks was not high enough, so I couldn't get a good shot.

But this particular night, I noticed the moon was bright. It was a full moon. So I pack up all my camera gears and went down to my drive-way to prepare for a "moon shot" instead. The heavy clouds keep getting in the way, coming and going, always partially blocking the moon for a good shot. I waited for maybe half an hour before I get a chance to have a clear shot.

Interesting how you can take a photo of the moon with a compact camera. Well, its actually a superzoom compact camera I recently bought. The actual name and model is Canon SX 20 IS with a telezoom of 28-560 mm super telephoto. I have been trying it out for 2 days and I am quite impressed by it.

Canon SX 20 IS

The moon shot was taken at 12.30 am and the eclipse was supposed to occur at 1.15 am. I missed the chance of taking the full eclipse, but at least I got the full moon. Oh well, hope somebody will tell me in future.
I shall be evaluating this new found toy and tell you what I think before you start rushing out to get one.

By the way I got it at the PJ Digital Mall for Rm 1500.00 ( US$ 419.00 ) with 8 GB SD card, camera bag, lens hood and tripod.
Canon SX 20 IS was my first choice, after that it was the Panasonic Lumix FZ35/38. Both are similarly priced but Canon has an upper hand in terms of specs.

Digital Photography can be a rewarding career as a hobby. You can actually make money while enjoying this hobby.


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