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Its been a while I haven't updated my other blog on predicting 4 digit (pick 4) numbers games. So this month I re-open my programs and key in some latest datas and start calculating some probabilities for some winning hits. I tried some small bets and sort of try out how it goes.

I started at the begining of November and surprisingly, I had several hits. No doubt I made some money from it but, the reality is the fun I had when I get hits after hits. Sometimes I get 3 hits in one draw alone and it includes a first prize too!

I will be updating those blogs again soon with some tips on how I calculate the probabilities. Below I have included my winnings on 4 digits that I won in November. Sometimes I had only 1 hit but other times I have 2 or 3 hits.

If you like to have some fun at playing with numbers, check out on my blog on 4D numbers soon. I will start updating this month in December. The address is at the side bar under my bloglist.

(1 Hit) Winning No. 5683 consolation

(2 Hits) Winning No.6891 - 1st.Prize and No. 5672 consolation.

(3 Hits) -Winning No. 6671 - 1st.Prize, No. 6673 starters and No. 6674 starters

(1 Hit) Winning No. 9984 starters

(1 Hit) Winning No. 6881 consolation.

I may add a section on the side bar with posting of my hits in the future. We will see how well the numbers game goes.


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