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" You have been chosen to be one of the sixteen Featured Users on the RedGage Homepage".

I received this email from
RedGage, a new social network site that pays you for all your online contents. I was confused and yet happy and proud. I have no idea what I did to deserve this. Nevertheless, it really made my day. I tried to recall what I did during the past 1 week. Was it the new blog I recently uploaded or could it be the new photos? I have no way of telling. Whatever it is, the email ask me to go to RedGage's homepage so I did. And at the bottom on the right hand side, there were photos of sixteen Featured Users proudly displayed. Oh yes, I was excited all right! You see, I am actually a newbie at RedGage, joined them just slightly over a week ago. RedGage is full of happy surprises, read the following and you will "rush in" to join this amazing site.

I got paid $4.83 by RedGage last night!
I joined RedGage less than 2 weeks ago. Not knowing if this site is genuine or not, I search the internet for answers. I found many videos on Youtube talking about how easy you can make some good money with this site. I couldn't find any negative remarks or posts on this new site. So 4 day's later I decided to become active. I uploaded my profiles, my blogs, Twitter, Facebook and Flickr. Then I went to bed. The next morning, when I loggged in to RedGage, I have earned $4.83 ! Impossible I thought, How can it possibly be? I haven't done anything yet! But I did, I have uploaded my blogs. RedGage has centralised all my contents including my photos and blog articles into one. They have paid me for one of the articles in one of my blogs and featured it on their homepage. For that, they paid me a bonus of $4.80. I earned the other 3 cents.

Another article featured on RedGage homepage.

Today, which is 5 day's later, I woke up to find I received another bonus from RedGage. They have picked another post of mine and posted it on their homepage! For this post, they paid me $5.25 just for that. Now my earnings are $10.51 for only about a week!

Three hours later I received an email from RedGage saying "You have been chosen to be one of the sixteen Featured Users on the RedGage Homepage". That really made my day.

What is RedGage?

RedGage is both a Social Networking site and a Social Bookmarking site. Redgage pay people for their online content that they are already doing online such as facebook, Youtube, twitter and Blogger.
RedGage pays based on the value of your content, measured by page views/popularity. They pay you for all of your blogs, pictures, videos, documents, and links. The things you are doing online, Redgage centralised all of them together and pays according to the number of page views. You get paid for visits, comments, votes and favourites.

To know what RedGage is, read my write up on this amazing site and how to join on my link "
RedGage Paid me $4.83 ". or "What is RedGage ".

You will be surprised what this site can do for your blogs and pays you at the same time.


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